We’ve been laying in the cut on the live tip since the beginning of 2014.  Seems that DJ Nites are kinda cooler than the crowds at Live Combo venues as of late, and with that in mind we are gonna chill a little bit on the Local Live Scene.  We will find our home soon, it isn’t like we fit into one pre-established box in the first place, but more importantly it isn’t like we are quarreling or anything.  Just getting ‘fresh eyes’. In the meantime Bret L Thompson’s Radio Show can be heard on KCHUNG Radio.

We still are working away at our next album, and are about half way through completion on that.  Hope to be seeing you sometime in Late Spring Early Summer with new songs to play for you and fun stories to tell ya’.


Generation Landslide has completed our eponymous 1st album. It is now for sale on ITunes, CD Baby, and here on our Buy Music page. The album consists of 11 songs of previously unreleased material that we had been fine tuning Live in Los Angeles, at Exposition Rehearsal Studios, NRG Recording Studios, Village Recorders and Consuelo Studios. Engineering for the record was done by Steven Churchyard, Mario Luccy, Sean Curiel, and Bret L Thompson. CD Mastering was done by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, who we highly recommend. The Act’s current priority is Rockin’ out all around greater Los Angeles (Generation Landslide is an LA Band, after all), and basically having a good time after such a lengthy spell cooped up in Recording Studios.

Additionally Derek Organ, Andrew Perusi, Charles Glenn, and Bret L Thompson are working on a forthcoming Comedic Country Release featuring guest Guitarist Carl Verheyen. The basic tracks were recorded at Village Recorders and this Hillbilly Record may be the first Outlaw Country Album to be mixed in the outskirts of Paris, France. The working concept behind mixing the record abroad is basically that the lyrical material is soooo anti-PC that having it mixed on the same hemisphere as Nashville may prove to be an impossibility. Incidentally, please bug Bret to finish the vocals on this Country record if you get the opportunity. Gosh knows that lazy sod needs a shake every once in a while to get his dumb ass properly motivated.