Gigs And News


We’re playing Perispace on July 24th.  Details to follow.  Mostly Bret’s stuck in a room trying to figure out how to sound like Blake Sheldon or HW3.  Depending on the day.  More info below.

After some Eastside show last fall, Crazy Bret decided that he’d better learn how to sing the Country EP he cut with half of Gen Lan or those tracks would sit forever. Since then he has locked himself in a room with 200 Country Vinyls and only seems to come out to work with his chosen right hand-man on the project, Guitarist Carl Verheyen.

After the Comedic Country Album is done, Generation Landslide will be checking into a Silverlake Church/Studio to record a new EP of largely written material. Hope to see you soon, but you know how irascible Bret gets when he is focused upon something.

Here’s more info about our eponymous first album: It is now for sale on ITunes and CD Baby and here on our Buy Music page. The album consists of 11 songs of previously unreleased material that we had been fine tuning Live in Los Angeles, at Exposition Rehearsal Studios, NRG Recording Studios, Village Recorders and Consuelo Studios. Engineering for the record was done by Steven Churchyard, Mario Luccy, Sean Curiel, and Bret L Thompson. CD Mastering was done by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, who we highly recommend.