The Rock /Into The Wind

I’m the Rock.

I’m the Rock.
You’re my home.
With me you never feel alone.
But I don’t understand,
why you chasing ‘round some lesser man.

I’m the Rock,
shot in your veins.
Try to leave me,
bitch, you must be insane.
But I can’t comprehend,
why you chasin round some other man.

Tell me,
Go away.
Then chase me down the alley,
and suck me til’ my feet turn to clay.
Pick a Fight,
‘Fraid to see,
There’s something magic happening,
bigger than you or me.

I’m The Rock
of your soul.
Don’t ask me why, it’s beyond my control.
But love me one time, sweet and slow,
turn around and let me go.

Very soon my dear,
you will see.
You be Sinking when we set each other free.
You may miss my sexy talk.
But you’ll be needing my Rock.

I’m The Rock.

(Into the wind)

I’m The Rock

-All Lyrics by Bret L Thompson, ASCAP. © Keep Your Filthy Mitts from my Publishing Co.