Low End Fascinations

Local High School teacher,
Cop a rock off a C-Note Score.
Days spent guiding the nation’s future,
at night another John hustling teenage whores, and,
Sin glistens under streetlamps,
Self-loathing just crackles like a prize.
The inner light holds darkness,
ask anyone who knows.
…from Pimp to Pope, neither too surprised.

It’s a Low End Fascination,
creeping in our heads at night.
It’s a Low End Fascination,
it’s fascinating, fascinating,
when things they just aint right.
…no, they just aint right

TV Personality,
bribe some blonde to beat him with a cane.
Boy wonder on the cinemascope,
free time faced down in balloons of Heroin.
And our favorite Rock producer,
took a gun, dropped it in some failed actress mouth.
Could handle Lennon, the 60s, the Ramones,
but when it came to his own brain he just fell South…

To them Low End Fascinations
Creeping in your head at night….
It’s fascinating, fascinating,
aint it?

My pupils dilate with hatred,
heart Marinated in Pure Evil.
Hand longs to beat my woman,
my head it knows just why,
my car points to a world of legless people.
My musicians, they’re all on my wavelength.
We reek of Booze and piss in Harrowed Halls.
As we look out at the world with cold, creepy distain,
wondering if there’s anything we can do, to help it all to fall.

As our Low End Fascinations
Creeping in our heads at night
It’s a Low End Fascination
fascinating, fascinating
When things aint right.

Said, that’s alright.
…nightie night

-All Lyrics by Bret L Thompson, ASCAP. © Keep Your Filthy Mitts from my Publishing Co.