She digs shiny things,
Sweet talking older men.
With money in pocket or hand,
she don’t try to understand,

no, no, no…
Guess I got myself a Ho.

She can’t stand commitment.
Straight answers give her fits and.
She be steady rolling all the time.
Somehow she done worked her way into my daily mind…

Cause I’m trying to turn a Ho,
into a housewife.

Lemme tell ya more…

She got me leaping off the top of the clouds baby.
Flipping off of this Earth.
Then she pulls some out the box, outrageous selfish move,
to remind me of all I’m not worth.

Cause I’m trying to turn a Ho, (3x)
Trying to turn a Filthy Ho
Into a housewife.

And some people say,
turn back run away.
But I don’t hear what they say.
Cause I love you, I love you I love you love you…
Said, Baby you’re my life,
and though it cuts like a knife,
As I live and breathe,
I’m trying please,
Please help me turn my Ho,
help me turn my Ho,
into a Housewife.

-All Lyrics by Bret L Thompson, ASCAP. © Keep Your Filthy Mitts from my Publishing Co.